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Case Studies

Sometimes just saying we do all this creative work isn't enough. To see more detail on the work we've done with a few specific clients, click on the client icons below.

Iron Horse Park Calgary
Gold Dredge
Denali Winery

K4 Dental Systems was an offshoot of one of our existing clients, Calgary Millwork. After deciding to pursue a complete line of cabinets specifically for dental offices, the company required a new identity complete with logo, branding, catalogues, photography and related print materials and web site.

Denali Winery, Alaska came to us looking for a label. They sell a unique item: ice wine made in Alaska. After describing their needs, they realized to achieve their sales goals they needed a thorough program to market not just ice wine, but their whole product line.

Klondike Gold Dredge is a fairly new tourism attraction in a very competitive market with high stakes. In order to take their excellent historical and interactive facility to a higher level, they asked us to create a very wide range of marketing materials aimed at both the individual tourists and at the cruise lines that carry tens of thousands of tourists to Skagway, Alaska every day.

Iron Horse Park is a massive project that a group of hobbyists and model engineers embarked upon several years ago. When one of our partners joined this group as a member, we decided to put our specialties to work to see if we could help these volunteers make the dream become a reality a little bit sooner.

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