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How We Work
Numerous stages lie between the design and final delivery of your project, all of which require diligent management. Our team does a fantastic job of making sure the objectives and timeline of each stage of a project are met and that the project flows smoothly. From detailed job sheets to regular project meetings, a docket system to sign-off accountability from each member of our team, once a project comes into our shop it is monitored to ensure quality control from project management through delivery.

Typical Project Cycle

Initial Meeting
Broad project discussions and information gathering (objectives and timelines are discussed, etc.) Key messages are determined and schedule and budget outlines are provided to the client for approval.

Concept Development
The project team is finalized, tasks are allocated and the research and discovery stage begins. Design direction is also defined and sent for mock-up.

Comp Presentation
Design is implemented into a low-resolution comp or proof for presentation to the Client. A maximum of three designs is provided. Approval of at least one design concept is needed before proceeding to the next stage.

Production Phase
Each element of the project is built using the initial design as a foundation. Layout presentation is finalized, content is proofed and entered into the layout, graphics are optimized and placed, etc.

First Draft
The first draft of the final product is presented to the client for approval.

Fine Tuning
Revisions will be implemented to the first draft design. Once the revisions have been approved, high resolution comps will be provided for Client sign-off.

File Preparation
Graphics are manipulated as necessary and converted for either print or web use. Fonts are collected and specifications for printer are gathered.

Project Delivery
Print collateral is delivered to Client and/or website is launched.

A meeting is scheduled to discuss satisfaction levels as they pertain to process, design and the final product.

Revised: 2/6/2003