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Partners and Puppies

On occasion we partner with companies for expanded services, but every once in awhile, we create "puppies" (note: we are not referring to any rude jokes) - spin off companies to help clients meet their needs.

For example, we were working on a project packaging an ice wine and had developed a unique box with "frosted" cover. The company making the boxes went out of business. In partnership with a local craftsman, we create Wooden Boxes Inc. to build these unique boxes (wooden-boxes.com). The company now creates custom boxes for several companies and incorporates many excellent features.

Some of our other partners include:

ePrint Network (eprint-network.com)

Speers Photo (speersphoto.com)

By the way, the puppy in the photo above is Rakita, who belongs to our project manager, Laura.

Revised: 6/29/2006, N.E.