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What We Do
The question of "what we do" has provoked endless hours of discussions in our marketing meetings as well as over beer and coffee. Unlike most of our clients, we don't have a main "product" or "service".

What we do is create ideas, and then make them reality. Those ideas are about helping companies or groups such as yours to communicate. Sometimes you need to sell something,and sometimes you need to inform. Sometimes, you just want to entertain. Whatever it is you need to get across to the people you communicate with, we generate the logos, pictures, web sites, brochures, presentation kits, packaging, or whatever printed and electronic tools that will get the job done.

Of course, sometimes we generate ideas and make them reality without having a client. But, those ideas are put into use with clients as needed. For example, we created Interlink because it was a good idea. Interlink is a set of database driven web pages that companies, groups, and individuals can use to edit their web sites online, without knowing HTML or having to buy computer programs.

This is a neat thing to have, and works great for our clients. But we don't sell it as a "product" because we feel it is more important to develop the concepts behind your project, and then make them a reality. We sell our ability to create a web site for you - as well as other electronic projects and printed materials - that does exactly what is needed to market your product, inform people about your issue or entertain your audience.

We will build whatever it takes to help you communicate.

Revised: 2/6/2003